Friday, March 2, 2018

Protein Bars

So as everyone knows not all protein, energy, or supplement bars are created equally. Everyone has a different training regime and different prefernce so it is important to find one that works toward your goals. I personally have tried a lot both whey protein, high sugar energy, sustainably sources and the list goes on. Let's start off by saying I think that experimenting is great and if you have the time making bars yourself helps simplify ingredients and eliminate packaging. That being said there are a few bars which I prefer to have on hand, that I can throw in my backpack when hiking or when I am starting to crash while running. I have listed a few below, my favorite flavours (if I have one), and why I like them.

Clif bar - mint chocolate
These guys are easy to find everywhere and they are queit affordable and that is one of the main reasons I like them. They are consistently available and offer a calorie rich option when you are burning out. The down side is that they are not gluten free so sometimes they upset my stomach.

Solo Eenergy Bars - manderine dark chocolate
I want to start by saying these guys taste like a chocolate orange (like the real deal) so the flavor is fantastic. They are a little more difficult to find, though most grocery stores carry them, they may not have this flavor. They are great when I am running and haven't eaten enough, they don't make me cramp up and are a fantastic boost. They are not dairy free but they are gluten free and they seem to be pretty easy to digest.

Vegan fremented protiens - lemon coconut
I am new to trying these guys but the flavor is great and they are vegan so fairly easy to digest. The one downfall is the price which can hurt your pocket book a little.

Lara Bars - peanutbutter chocolate chip
These guys are full of natural sugar from dates and are delicious but honestly I would prefer to make an alternative at home that is not prepackaged! If you want a bar with the fewest ingredients though this one is great. Here is a page with homemade alternatives you can put in your own reusable container:

Simply - lemon
These bars are more like rice crispy squares than your typical protein bars. They taste great and are friendly to some dietary restrictions but overall I find other bars seem to stick with me better.

Other bars I would like to try include:

No Cow


Cricket and mealworm protein bars, they are sold by several brands but you can also make your own with similar ingredients to lara bars. Presidents choice as well as other independent start up brands sell cricket powder which you can at as an alternative protein to your own recipe. Here is a diy cricket bar that might be worth a try!
A delicious treat while hiking #energythatsustains

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