Friday, February 23, 2018

Sugar Free Syrups

I am not normally a huge advocate for sugar free syrups. Due to my killer sweet tooth they have become a rather essential part of my fitness journey. When deciding which ones to purchase I was fairly stumped. There aren't a lot of great reviews out there comparing the different syrups, or stating the qualities that actually make these syrups "good". Is it flavor? consistency? availability? So here is my run down on a few sugar free syrup brands.

I will start with the most common household name when it comes to sweets in the weight loss industry, Walden Farms.


  • available at almost any supplement store
  • have a variety of calorie free options (note: I have tried several and only like one, the maple walnut is fantastic)
  • relatively affordable
  • conventional thick consistency
  • A plethora of different chemicals comprise these syrups, you can expect this with sugar free but often Walden Farms have a distinct flavor which can be quiet offensive. I did not enjoy the strawberry or chocolate syrup for this reason.
  • can be hard to find online or in store in more rural areas

Next, daVinci and Torani sugar free syrups. I placed these two together because they are very similar. The only major difference is the flavors they offer. On another note, don't confuse these with the full sugar alternatives. These are both "coffee syrup" consistencies, thinner and more watery than Walden Farms.

  • Easily available online through amazon (not all flavors are available, but they cycle through stock)
  • A variety of great tasting flavors. I've really enjoyed almond rocha, hazelnut, and blueberry. I have diabetics in the family so I have tried many flavors in the past.
  • Can be difficult to find in store, some pharmacies with specialty sections often carry a few flavors.
  • Can be a little expensive. But the bottles are quiet large and the variety of flavors often makes it worth it.

Finally, Skinny syrup. These ones are another coffee syrup consistency. I am not sure of the typical availability as I found them at winners but they were available at multiple locations.

  • Affordable
  • Taste fairly good in coffee
  • I tried a couple flavors and would prefer other brands over them. 

In closing I am not saying that any of these are better for you than any other sugary syrup. But, if you do have a sweet tooth like mine and are trying to lose weight these maybe a nice compromise.

"The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves" - W.C. Fields

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