Monday, December 11, 2017

Voices of the Week - Podcasts for Running

I have mentioned on previous posts that I am regular listener to both the She Explores and Wild Ideas Worth Living podcasts but this week I also found something new. A post in the Run Like A Girl Community got me thinking about good podcasts to listen to while running. So I started putting podcasts I like to the test. Recently I found three episodes that kept my attention and got me thinking while running. I really enjoyed all three even though each of them is very different and only one actually has to do with running. So here is goes....

1. Where is Wilderness? - She Explores

This podcast is about a social science thesis topic touching on the American perception of Wilderness. It gets you thinking about your own perception of the topic and the complexity of the term.

2. How are We Physically and Emotionally Connected to the Ocean - Wild Ideas Worth Living

I loved this podcast, It gave insight into science combined with some traditional knowledge and and experience related to our connection with nature. A relationship or connection to the ocean from a Surfer and Scientist than my own connection with nature being from the Canadian prairies. The podcast covers a variety of topics for everyone.

3. Cycle Your Training to Get Faster - Real Life Runners

This podcast is a new one for me. I can't vouch for the rest of the episodes but I did enjoy this one. The podcast is about stages of your running plan and adding some variety to improve provoking thought about your own routine.

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