Monday, December 18, 2017

Peyto Lake and the Bow Summit Lookouts, Banff National Park AB

This is a very popular hike on the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park. You are likely to experience hordes of people at the parking lot for Peyto Lake so I would advise going early. The trail begins on the interpretive path which leads to the popular lookout platform looming over the top of the lake. If you continue up the interpretive path you will eventually leave the pavement to a well worn former fire road. Continue south on the gravel to reach the views of Bow Lake or turn right on the trail and head up a small hill for a different view over Peyto lake. 

The hike is just shy of 6 km round trip with minimal elevation gain. At most it takes a couple hours to complete the hike. On a sunny day this short hike is extremely rewarding. The trail offers stunning views and gorgeous flowers surrounding the path. The hike to the Peyto Lake look out can also be done in winter as a snowshoeing opportunity. Continuing further would cross avalanche terrain so it is important to know your abilities and be aware of the conditions.

Difficulty: Easy
View from the South end of Peyto Lake
"Help maintain this fragile alpine ecosystem by staying on the trail." - Parks Canada

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