Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sarrail Ridge, Kananaskis AB

This hike is the reason I have been up to Rawson Lake 3 times. Third times the charm right? The first time I attempted this hike I was stopped by the lack of daylight, poles, and good footwear. The second time a grizzly intersected our hike and we decided best to head back down. Finally the third time we made it up for sunset. This is an extension to the Rawson Lake trail, once up to the lake you can continue on to the south end where you will see the hike up to the ridge. This part of the hike is not as easy as the first half. I recommend having poles and keeping in mind this is a steep hike, once you get to the top you have to get back down, preferably not trampling the vegetation on the way. That being said the views are worth it and this was a fantastic hike to end the summer with. The hike adds approximately an additional 4 km to the Rawson lake hike and another 300 ish meter elevation gain (approximately 650 total).

Keep in mind to read the bear warnings, check the trail reports as snow can hang around on this trail well into July, and make sure you have enough light for the way back down. Just because there isn't a bear warning doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful as this is common grizzly habitat i.e. A bear bell is not enough.

Difficulty: Difficult

A bear who wandered over to a snowbank to eat a fish for lunch

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