Saturday, September 30, 2017

Osprey Kyte 46L Women's Pack Review

Prior to this year I had only done a few hikes here and there, but I had never done any over night trips. In the past I used any old backpack but with more gear I needed to use something of higher quality. This year my goal was to do my first summit and to do an overnight backpacking trip. Luckily, I was able to do a couple of each and this bag has been a really good fit for me. Before purchasing, I did my research and set out to find my first "good" pack. I had a list in my head of things I would like; I wanted a bag that was under $250, was >40L, and was water resistant with a built in rain cover. I soon found out those weren't a priority it was tracking down a WOMEN'S bag that was narrow enough for me and short enough it didn't impair my range of vision. Something I could use as either for day trips or a couple nights. I tried on around 20 packs and kept coming back to this one. I couldn't find the size I wanted in store so I ordered it online out of a Quebec based retail which went extremely smooth.

The bag is 46L which is the largest size, but comes in 3 different sizes. It also comes in 2 different fits XS/S and S/M as well as 2 different colors.

  • The bag is backed by osprey's warranty and the packs are known for being fairly durable.
  • It has several small pockets including the two small ones on the hips which are actually big enough for a large phone ect.
  • The main compartment is accessible from the top as well as the side.
  • Something a little more unique is it has a couple elastics that hold your poles for you while hiking. This is great and makes them easy access. I wish they had them on both sides because the elastic actually also works really well for my bear spray.
  • The water bladders fit seamlessly with the pack.
  • It is actually a women's pack so it fits narrow shoulders making it very comfortable, limiting pressure points. The frame has a little give adding to the comfort and fit.
  • The pack comes with a rain cover built in and is water resistant.

  • It is heavy. When empty these packs aren't light. That didn't really phase me but some people it might throw off.
  • The side pockets could be angled toward the wearer for easy access.
  • The back is not vented, although the mesh provides some comfort, it is not a trampoline back so I get pretty sweaty when other people I hike with don't have the same problem.
  • I wish the top was floating. When fully packed up it would be nice to have a floating top like dueter's packs.

I can't give it a rating as I don't have a lot of experience with other bags but this bag gives me everything I need. It is small enough for a day hike but large enough for a couple nights so I would recommend it, or the smaller options, to a friend.

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