Monday, August 28, 2017

Voice of the Week - 2 of My Favorite Podcasts

Since I have been doing a lot of driving lately I've been listening to even more podcasts than normal. Two of the episodes I have really enjoyed are:

"Farm to Table" from the Out There podcast 


"Gale Straub - Inspiring Women to Get Outside with a Podcast" from the Wild Ideas Worth Living podcast

Both are very different episodes but they both make you think. The first is a podcast that is about a topic near and dear to me which is food waste. It amazes me every time I hear that people don't recycle let a lone compost. This podcast is a brief insight into the issues that are starting arise and what people are doing to help resolve the situation. My personal goal is to become more conscious about the products I buy, the impact I have, and what I can do to reduce my footprint. To me this is a great brief podcast that can help enlighten people about the table to trash connection. When will we change our thought process and actions as a society?  The Second podcast is totally different, it is more on a spiritual level. It is about Gale Straub and her experiences traveling and starting her own podcast. Not everything will work out perfectly but this is a podcast that makes me want to get outside and really enjoy the world we live in. So much of the North American lifestyle is defined by stuff. The stuff we have, the stuff we buy. The goal seems to be to have more of stuff, not only that but it has to be bigger and better than the next persons. But I don't want the stuff I have to define who I am. These podcasts just gave me a little inspiration as I prepare for the next chapter of my own life.

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