Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ribbon Falls, Kananaskis AB

Beautiful 18 km hike with a 350 m elevation gain. The hike is mostly through a treed valley with occasional views of the creek, until you reach the falls at the end. The trail is very well worn, although it can get mucky it is generally a long but a very easy day hike. The hike does not have very much elevation gain so the views of the surrounding mountains are limited compared to some other hikes. There is something very peaceful about walking through the trees with the sounds from the creek in the background. Get there early in the morning on weekends to beat the crouds and enjoy a quiet hike.

The hike is teeming of flora and fauna so be respectful. Trees, wildflowers, and small animals are common on the trail but it is not unheard of to see larger animals such bears or cougars so be cautious and respectful when hiking in wildlife habitat.

Difficulty: Moderate (due to length)

You can either camp at the falls or you can take the hike one step further and head up to the lake. I have never done this but it is a difficult finish to the hike which is why most people turn around at the falls.

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