Monday, July 31, 2017

Lilian Lake to Galatea Lakes via Galatea Creek, Kananaskis AB

This is one of the more rewarding hikes I have done in the Kananaskis. If you want to do some hike in fishing or just want gorgeous views of 3 different lakes this is a great hike. First you hike from the parking lot, over creeks and forest floor, to the first lake. This is Lilian lake which is 6.3 km in. The lake has a greenish hue and is teaming with small fish. Here you will also find a campsite. Make sure to look online for availability and conditions, in 2017 there was more snow and avalanches than expected so the hike and campsite where closed for an extended period. Thus far the hike is easy but from here on up it gets slightly more challenging. The elevation change to the first Galatea lake is quiet steep with some uneven footing. Trust me though it is worth it. The first lake is quiet deep and similar to Lillian in the sense that it is a stock pond, but the color, that is totally different. The Galatea lakes are a vibrant blue. Once you crest the hill to the first lake continue on to the second lake in the upper bowl. The second lake has snow until much later in the year but they are both absolutely stunning. Although the majority of the hike is easy the last bit is difficult for many so bring lots of water and take your time on the way up. The total distance round trip is about 15 km.

Difficulty: Moderate

Lilian Lake
Looking down on Lilian Lake
Lower Galatea Lake

Small Trout - Lilian Lake

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