Friday, February 17, 2017

Getting "paid" to workout

Charity Miles App

The latest get rich quick scheme, getting paid to workout. As everyone is getting into personal fitness, going for the skinny/fat to fit movement, people are looking for ways to motivate themselves or make a quick buck. Since everyone wants a piece I figured I would look into it and maybe find something worth while. Sifting through fitness tracking apps, workout out apps, apps that pay you, and a whole pile of others, one caught my eye, "Charity Miles".

Charity Miles is an app that delegates money to the charity of choice (from their list,) while cycling or running, indoors or outdoors. You don't necessarily "earn" the money as it comes from sponsors anyhow, but you do get to help delegate how it is used. According to the app the sponsors are redistributing their advertising budgets so in turn for advertising the take larger portions of their budgets and distribute them to the greater good. Make sense?I know it seems a little strange but if you are working out anyhow why not help a cause you are passionate about get recognized. It made a lot more sense to me once I found out that 50% of the money raised goes to the charity of your choice and the rest to charity miles.By running you receive $0.25 and cycling you receive $0.10 toward the charity of choice every session.  I ride bike to work and exercise anyhow so with some warmer weather I decided to give it a shot and see how it actually works.

The app doesn't take a huge amount of space on your phone and uses your phones activity tracker/GPS so you don't need any fancy gadgets to use it. That being said it isn't the most accurate GPS and tracker you will ever use. I have tried the app both indoors and out and I wouldn't recommend using it as an accurate distance for training purposes, but it does work and may work better with newer models of phone. You can track your distance by yourself or join a team. When you open the app you make a profile which can be linked to your Facebook and then you select what activity you are going to do (from a list of 3) and which charity you are going to raise money for. From here it is easy it just automatically starts and you start to go. On the activity screen you can pause your workout or end it. Once you end it  the app tells you the distance and the total that has been raise (the screenshot is pictured above). It's that simple, it's like fundraising via your workouts. The app isn't totally revolutionary, and is targeted toward the U.S., but I've done some research and it seems to be legit so why not try something good. 

Maybe you need that extra little push off the couch, or want to try something fun, or want to do something meaningful without a long term commitment, this app is worth a shot!

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