Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Resisting Over Indulgence

Every year I set goals for myself. Some goals are New Years resolutions, others I set as they come up. Some goals are a one year challenge, meanwhile others take a longer commitment. This year is all about resisting over indulgence. My goal is to spend the year keeping myself in check, letting myself enjoy life without letting my emotions dictate my actions. 

I had two struggles last year when it came to my goals, the goal to not buy anything new (aka clothing & household goods) and to compete in a fitness competition. Those goals from last year have led me to a few for this year. This year I am going to set the same commitment of not buying any new clothing or household goods. Failing last year just gave me a new lens to at this challenge with. In reality there isn't anything I need so it seems like a realistic and achievable expectation for the year. My second goal is along a similar path, I want to spend one month without buying anything with plastic packaging. For the month of January I am going to go plastic "free". I will continue to use the products I already have but I will go one month without purchasing any plastic products or any with plastic packaging. Resisting packaged foods should help me avoid indulgence in the sugar department in addition to helping me reflect on what my real needs are.

The last couple years have been about stepping outside my comfort zone, this year is about avoiding over indulgence, being realistic about what I need verses what I want. I don't want to turn to shopping or over eating as comfort, I want to find new outlets and new ways of moving forward, new ways about self improvement. 

My goals for 2019 include:

  • Stop buying new
  • Spend a month plastic free
  • Avoid over indulgence 
  • Find my "niche" in my new job
  • Improve my running distance

And as always I want to work on being happier, or more content with my life and how I live it. I don't believe in the "new year new you" slogan but I do believe in resetting and taking time to reflect.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Read of the Week - The Novel that Started an Environmental Movement

I was recently able to take some time and finish Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. Published over 50 years ago, the novel sparked the modern environmental movement. Her novel is a cautionary tale regarding the over use of pesticides, specifically the implications of DDT and other non-selective insecticides. Rather than preaching we discontinue the use of pesticides, Carson suggested that we use them with care. Pesticide overuse lead to unintentional consequences including resistance and unintentional death of non-target organisms. Considering alternatives to broadcast spraying of pests including bio-control was suggested toward the end of the book.

"We need a more high-minded orientation and a deeper in-sight, which I miss in many researchers. Life is a miracle beyond our comprehension, and we should reverence it even where we have to struggle against it..."

Rachel Carson was chastised for this book, her writing was treated as a fable rather than a viable part of the scientific community. On the other hand she opened the doors to the public. Her novel is accessible to everyone bringing science into the homes of the public, two things that were often isolated during the time she wrote the novel.

I do not think pesticides need to be discontinued but I do think this is a fantastic novel for everyone to read. The larger picture is often overlooked in more areas than just pesticide use. Opening the eyes of many, selling millions of copies, Carson opened doors to modern ecology, adding to her library of best selling novels.

"We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost's familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy... The other fork of the road ... Offers our last, our only chance to reach a destination that assures the preservation of our earth."

Friday, August 10, 2018

Two Twelve Apparel

I don't believe you need to wear your values as a logo on your clothes, nor do I think you have to buy something new to show your support; donating, or supporting an initiative can be done without buying something. That being said if you DO need some new clothing this brand hits close to home for so many people, and has been founded by a friend and her partner.

If you want to know more about a brand that donates proceeds to various programs and services for mental health you can check them out on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/twotwelveapparel/) and instagram (@twotwelveapparel), or check out there website which is coming soon:


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Read of the Week - The Conundrum

The Conundrum: How Scientific Innovation, Increased Efficiency, and Good Intentions Can Make Our Energy and Climate Problems Worse

This audiobook recently came on sale as part of an Earth Day Sale, so I decided to give it a shot. I should start by saying I don't normally buy books like this, nor do I agree with every opinion they portray. However, I do find the perspectives and opinions they share thought provoking. I find that books with a bleak outlook on environmental issues often result in people becoming depressed, mourning the loss, and then moving on with their lives as though nothing happened. You must go into the book looking for more than just a solution or explanation; prepare yourself for a different perspective on environmentalism, an unraveling of current solutions to environmental technologies.

This book in particular looks largely as societies downfalls, the barriers to sustainability rather than the solutions. That being said it does have some valuable insight, something we can all take to heart. The main point being increased technology and efficiency is not a sufficient solution; creating greener technologies, building and developing more, will not resolve our issues. Rather, it is a societal shift, a shift in mindsets, and acknowledgment that there is no easy solution the our environmental dilemmas. 


Monday, May 14, 2018

First time fitness competitor

After weeks of falling on and off the diet train, my competition finally came and went. I can't imagine how difficult I was to coach, I get anxious and hangry, but thank you to everyone who supported me in CHOOSING to do something that made me for lack of a better term "miserable". Would I have gotten more joy out of the dozen OCR I could've run or the new saddle I could've bought with the time and money put into this competition? Yeah probably, but you can't knock it 'til you try it.

Next time I decide to push myself outside of my comfort zone, which this definitely did, tell me to take a hike Haha. I definitely shook the entire time on stage as I am well aware my stage presence and confidence aren't my defining features 😅. 

Props to all the men and women that take pride and pleasure in prepping and stepping on stage, it take a lot of dedication, discipline, and hard work. Me on the other hand I am going to keep working out and eating fairly healthy because I LIKE to not because I HAVE to. At this point in my life I have a million other things to look forward to and do that I love. Now that I have gotten this out of the way, for the time being I don't want to do a sport that takes away from other things I love. Plus, I stand by the fact I'm happy having that thin layer of chocolate that covers my abs.


The lovely note from bikinilicious that came with my suit rental